We advise our clients on complex domestic and international commercial arbitration matters such as pre-arbitration strategy, settlement discussions, representation during arbitral proceedings and recognition and enforcement of awards or challenges.

We at MLO work in tandem with our clients to give us an edge with client giving their inputs and helping us achieve successful claims for them. We have a robust affiliate network and we represent our clients in almost all legal proceedings before Courts, Tribunals, Forums and Statutory Authorities over a wide spectrum of disputes. The differentiating factor is our direct presence from the lower most forum in the judicial/quasi-judicial hierarchy to the highest one which makes a magnanimous difference when multiple legal proceedings over the same cause are pending before different forums.

We routinely advise and provide assistance in enforcing and implementing security mechanisms through strategies on various modes of security enforcements and resolution of bad debts as well as stressed/ non-performing assets. Our banking practice is spread over a vast spectrum ranging from advising on legal due diligence of the borrower entities dealing with various regulators and key banking sector stakeholders. We also assist our clients in advising on regulatory aspects of foreign currency loans availed through external commercial borrowings/overseas direct investments as well as advise foreign lenders on regulatory aspects of creation and perfection of security in relation to foreign currency loans.

We take appropriate legal action against issues concerning Sexual Offences. We have also drafted POSH Committee guidelines for various offices. One of our partner, Adv. Akshi Bali, is also actively working with private offices as an external member of their respective POSH Committees.  We also have great experience of defending wrong sexual allegations.

We have a high success rate in recovering finances of clients through various techniques. We are adept in handling matters related to the Negotiable Instruments Act, Recovery matters, Commercial matters and Summary suits.

We render assistance in identifying, protecting and promoting IP assets through due diligence, brand audits, clearances and regulatory compliances, dispute resolution and enforcement, managing portfolios. We expertise in filing of trademarks, patents and copyrights as well as reply to objections, if any and representing our clients in subsequent hearings.

We help in drafting contracts of various natures, i.e., employee contracts, and client contracts for the purpose of business dealings. We also expertise in enforcement of contract terms as well as defending our client in case of any dispute which arises during the enforcement of the said contract.

Pre-Litigation Mediation is an upcoming and voluntary process in which an impartial and neutral mediator tries to bring together the disputant parties to arrive at a mutually agreeable solution. We at Maxim Law offices, with the help of trained mediators, constantly attempt to resolve the dispute amicably and cordially with a collaborative approach. The concept of Pre-Litigation Mediation saves time, money, energy and relationships and provides more satisfaction and peace of mind to the parties in dispute.

We specifically ensure that our clients comply with any sectoral specific requirements and plan their taxes accordingly. When it comes to our client we not only analyse the earnings of them but also take their investment and deductions into consideration. Here we cover all the aspects of Tax Litigation such as Direct and Indirect taxes,Individual, Cooperative Society, Trust, Companies, etc. We also endeavour to provide updated regulations and guidelines to our clients to plan their financial models accordingly. Besides, we are working with several non-profit organisations in their registrations, compliances, etc.

Consumer Protection an important branch of our litigation as this is a complex domain and we possess unique set of skills through which we make it convenient for our clientele to secure ends of justice and obtain the desired reliefs. We are very well equipped in handling varied consumer disputes across different Consumer Fora is the USP and no compromise is made on the quality of our deliverables towards our clientele and prospective clientele.

Our Real Estate involves working closely with our clients, wherein we represent developers, owners, bondholders, borrowers, government bodies, loan participants, tenant, landlords, RWA’s etc. Our practice includes carrying out due diligence of land records, across various states of India, wherein we verify the land records, trace titles and determine if the land is legally free for acquisition.We also prepare and review documents related and incidental to property and real estate.

Labour and Employment issues between the employer and employee are very prevalent in today’s world. Law provides the various equal rights to both the labour and management to ensure that neither party can be mentally, socially, and economically harassed by their counterpart. We represent both the workmen and the management and help them in getting the best possible solution of their dispute within the nominal fee only.